The 2020 Icebreaker Festivals and Tournaments have been CANCELLED

Hello fellow Icebreakers – or should I say “Would-be Icebreakers” as it is my unhappy duty and task to inform you that due to the ever-increasing risk and spread of the Covid-19 (coronavirus) strain, that the Executive of the Ottawa Internationals Soccer Club and the Org Committee of the 26th Annual Icebreaker Soccer Festivals and Tournaments have unanimously decided to cancel both week-ends of the 2020 Icebreaker Soccer Festivals and Tournaments.

It is very unfortunate that things have come to this sad point but with the health risks rising every day and with more and more group gathering events – such as concerts, schools, sporting events and conventions – being cancelled every day; and with the fact that our event falls – or would have fallen – during this daily risk-heightening period, we decided that cancelling the Icebreaker as early as possible was the only responsible course of action to take so as to help curtail or to limit the spread of this virus.

Those teams that paid their entry fees by credit card will have their fees refunded in full back to their credit cards.

Those teams that paid their fees by cheque will not be refunded because we did not deposit any cheque-paid fees into the Icebreaker’s bank account; and so you can cancel or otherwise disregard those cheques as they will not be deposited. If you wish to have your cheque returned, please respond to this e-mail and make that request. If we do not hear back from you for the return of your cheque by April 1, 2020, it will be destroyed.

Finally, the teams that paid by e-transfer will have their funds returned by e-transfer back to the e-mail address from which the payment was received within the next twenty-four hours. Naturally, all refunds will be FULL REFUNDS.

Hopefully, this virus will be defeated soon and that it will not remain a threat to health for as long as the Spanish Flu did in the early 1900’s when it spread around the world for almost three years; and hopefully, soccer will return to normal before the end of the 2020 outdoor season and hopefully we will be able to offer you an Icebreaker in 2021.

Time alone will tell.

Stay healthy.

Yours in soccer,

George Bennett
Icebreaker 2020

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