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The Ottawa Internationals Soccer Club is very pleased to cordially invite your team to participate in the Twenty-Third Annual "Icebreaker" Soccer Festivals and Tournaments.

The purpose of this early-season Festival is to provide all participating teams the opportunity to play four short games against four different opponents. Participants can choose between playing in the Ice Pile Division (which is for more skilled players and teams) or in the Snow Bank Division (which is for less experienced players and teams).

The Icebreaker is split over two week-ends, with the Girls' Tournaments and Festivals being held May 27/28 and the Boys' Tournaments and Festivals being held the following week-end of June 3/4, 2017.

January 1st, 2017 marks the beginning of the Canada 150 celebrations, and Ottawa will be an exciting place to visit! For more information on what will be happening in Ottawa this year, please visit the Ottawa 2017 website.

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